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Take control of your business growth, with help to find and manage the talent that you need

We've worked in the roles that we recruit into, and in their management. We are well-placed to help, by applying both sector and job expertise, and a solution to the challenge of attracting talent: Our new approach to recruitment management.

The people that we choose get shortlisted and selected in large numbers. Want to be one? Or does your business need talent?

Recruitment, training and management of talent

We bring knowledge of the sector AND the job from within our diverse team. Our role is to build the foundations of business: Talented people who will provide sustainable revenue, deliver for customers, and / or transform business performance.

In addition to understanding the industry and role, we work hard to understand your business, and follow our unique process to represent your employer brand. This involves a team-based approach, not typically used in recruitment agencies.

Need people?

Our mission is to develop and empower talented people in our areas of expertise.

Empowering UK businesses to never again experience growth-limiting staff shortages.

We can help you deal with skills shortages by being the brand that attracts your chosen type of employee. Or we can develop specific competences in your existing staff.

This brings stability, certainty and control to your business. It helps to avoid the missed opportunities, and financial loss that skills gaps would bring. 

Great at your job?

We help employees to take control of their career development; matching them to the right roles. We know that even within your industry, some companies and cultures are a better fit than others. So, our sophisticated approach will match you to the right culture and company, not just a role in an industry.

We help people to avoid chaotic job-hopping, by finding the right match. If you want to, we can also help you to become a leader in your chosen field through leadership and management training. Many people find this brings greater fulfilment, and power over their career that they would not otherwise have.

A new approach to recruiting

Recruitment services need to be better. That’s why we built our own.

We have a signature way of carrying out consultancy with you, and with your talent pool, allowing flexibility to your needs. We know that each company is different, and they therefore require different things. We won’t impose a one-size-fits-all process. But we will ensure consistent quality in everything we do.

We are not like the old-style recruitment agencies. Our clients tell us that we find them more relevant people, and fewer of our candidates are filtered out at shortlisting. 

Our approach is to find the perfect candidate for the company, not just the job. For example, we may have two candidates who are both experienced in the same industry, and with the same job title, but we will match each of them to different clients. We can do this because we know the culture, working practices, and expectations of each. Other companies would send both candidates to each client, and probably make a bad impression with both. We earn our fees.

With this approach, candidates will be left with a good impression, whether or not they are chosen.