We are on a journey to freshen up the recruitment industry.

We will do this with our team's experience in our specialist industries and sectors. And with our new, direct and efficient approach to recruitment.

Blue Tyne Management will better meet the needs of everyone with whom we work. It is a case of giving them our time, expertise, and a unique and relevant process.


You will work with specialists in your field, which may be: 

Energy sector
Customer service
Call centre

Senior Executive


How we work


We work hard to fully understand your culture, your leadership style,
and your existng team, so that we can help to match people who will be a great fit.

Develop a Wishlist

This means developing the list of skills, competences, personal qualities, and experience necessary to do the job. We will find people who can do the job extremely well.

Job Description

Developing professional tools for use in the attaction and selection process. It means that we match people effectively, and that we share high quality information with potential candidates.

Ongoing Review

Our non-judgemental approach provides value here: We do not pressure candidates to say ‘yes’. Nor do we rule them out of other jobs in the industry if they are not right for one.

Candidate Attraction

We know where our specialist industry professionals go, and where they look for job opportunities. That is where we will be! It is an ever-changing picture, and we keep on top of it.


We ensure that we know our candidates well: Their genuine strengths, and their preferred way
of working. We are of course looking for motivation, and desire to do the job, not just skills and experience.


We will send you a shortlist of candidates, and our summary of why we think they are suited to your role and company. It is based on our assessment of them. We will send you their CV to accompany this.


This can be done by your manager(s) with our shortlisted people, or can be integrated into our system, as you wish.

Selection and offer

We will work with you to present the good news to the successful person. We can be involved as much or as little as you like.

Our values

Long-term outlook.

Investment in people – ours and our clients’.

Effective and efficient business.

Fairness - in our approach to fees, terms and conditions, and candidates.

Our approach goes beyond keyword-matching – to incorporate things that our clients find hard to do themselves.

This is not a recruitment agency – that is an outdated model. This is a consultancy business delivering a ‘retained recruitment’ level of service whilst still working at risk, due to our belief in our ability. (In return, we ask for the chance to recruit for you exclusively).

One of the things you may notice about our process, is that there is a whole extra level of candidate engagement within the model. We are not just engaging people to match them to a role, and push that role to them. We are getting to know them, matching not only on ability to do the job, but whether or not it’s right for them.