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Are you a specialist in any of our areas of work? If so, we’d love to work with you to identify the right place to build your career.

We work in: Energy sector, Sales, Customer service, Call centre, Administration, IT, Engineering, Management, and Senior Executive.

We only want to place you in roles in which you will stay, and perform well. So, we’ll discuss opportunities with you, and present you to these employers, only if they are right for you.


We go beyond the basics of where you have worked and what you did. We get to know you, what motivates you, and what you achieved. That way, we will be able to match you to jobs that suit your goals, will keep you motivated, and in which you will stay.

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essentials - job specific - leadership 

Training is something that our team values highly. We believe that all of us need to constantly learn and develop.

The need and availability of training is built in to our approach, and we offer a range of training ourselves that could be of benefit in your new role.


We can advise on how to tailor your experience to a particular role, and can even refer you to an expert in career development, personal branding, CV writing, application forms, and interview skills. This provides you with independent and impartial expertise, separate from the recruitment and selection process, which can bring you long term benefits. 


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