We deliver training to augment our talent matching service, or as a stand-alone service. It may be advisable to do both i.e. making a course available to new and existing staff alike. 

Our range of courses is outlined below.

In addition we have a list of short online courses.

We can also deliver your company-specific induction. If recruiting regularly, or in large numbers, this can have a great impact on the efficiency of your management teams and HR. It can also deliver consistency of service to new employees.

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Training is something that our team values highly. We believe that all of us need to constantly learn and develop.

The need and availability of training is built in to our approach, and we offer a range of training ourselves that could be of benefit in your new role.

If short CPD (Continuous Professional Development) or refresher courses are required then our online courses could be ideal for you. 

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Training that we deliver

Leadership and management 

When you are recruiting, you’ll have new people to manage, a wider team, and perhaps the new starter will have management responsibilities. It’s a great time the to review and update management skills across the whole team.

Customer service training

Never has service been more important to all businesses.

How we are made to feel as customers determines whether or not we return, who we tell, and whet we tell them. Then there are online reviews. These can make or break reputations.

In light of al of this, does anyone in your organisation need to up their service delivery? Would a refresher be useful to the whole team?

Sales techniques training

We apply our skills and advanced knowledge to deliver training in sales techniques that work. We know these techniques work because we have used them ourselves, and we still do!

This is ideal for those new to sales, and for experienced sales people who want to re-focus their efforts.

First aid training

We have specialist trainers experienced in delivering all levels of first aid training. These vary from half a day to three days in-depth first responder training.

Health and safety 

All businesses have an obligation to operate safely. We would suggest that this can only be done if your staff are motivated and skilled in both performing their roles safely and taking their safety responsibilities seriously.

Other training

If your ideal development programme is not listed here, why not get in touch.

We will either be able to put together something unique, or we'll know someone who can help.