call centre

set up and management

Having set up and managed call centres in the UK and elsewhere, our directors are well-placed to help, advise, and practically support clients setting up such functions.

Call centres are a unique environment, requiring a specialist management knowledge. Different styles can work for different businesses. For example, some are high-energy, others more relaxed. But motivation, reward systems, and operational management are common to all these environments.

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leadership CONSULTING

As high-performers in sales ourselves, we can help you get the most from your sales efforts – either as a stand-alone service or combined with recruitment of sales talent. We can assign a consultant or consultancy team to suit your company, its culture and its aspirations.

We will work together to understand your situation, set goals, and plan and deliver services that improve your company’s sales capacity.

Our role is to bring sustainable sales generation with skills, systems and management approach.


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Sales Management

Our directors are all successful sales people with a track record in the industries that we recruit for and train in. We bring you the benefit of our experience having been leading sales people, managers of sales teams, and having coached and developed numerous colleagues for increased success.

Sales coaching

We love to get ‘in the trenches’ alongside sales people and get them to up their performance to the next level. There is no better way than to get present with them and find out what they need. 

Outsourced sales

This is not the solution for everyone, but there are times (at the very beginning, or if going through a major transition) that you just need a functioning sales team up and running fast. In these situations, we’d love to apply our skills, and our skilled network of people to support your business.